What are boy fairies called?

I’m need a name for male fairies. Thank you for all answers!

Boy Fairies

There is no specific name for a male fairy any more than there is a separate name for a male witch!
If you really need a name for a story, I suppose the suggestion by Linda to all the males ‘Fae’ or ‘Fey’ and the females ‘fairy’ would work. You could also use Elf for the male and Fairy for the female.

Is there any separate name for a female human? Fairy is the common name for the species as a whole. I do have to say though that there are significantly more female fairies than male faries, roughly a 65/35 split *how the bleep do I know that?*. Anyways, just introduce the male fairies as male fairies.

“Fey” is also used to refer to the Fairy folk. Why don’t you use Fey to indicate males and “Fairy” or some other term to represent females?

Fairies can be male or female.

Answer 6

often they are called elves as in the shoemaker and the elves.

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