Wat if the Dutch never traded New Amsterdam for Suriname?

someplace in the sixteenth century (I think) after some conflicts and negotiations the English in addition to Dutch eventually decided  their particular conflicts and started initially to trade. The Dutch, constantly thinking about obtaining the most recent herbs fundamentally hadn’t a lot to get in brand new Amsterdam, but Suriname, that has been after that in check because of the English had been more profitable. Some individuals state that, witnessing it from present viewpoint it absolutely was a foolish move of Dutch to trade brand new Amsterdam, that the English converted into nyc and got Suriname right back because of it, in those times, there was clearly no usa, and Suriname had been financially a lot more interesting. This trade contract had been the Dutch at that moment a lot more interesting than maintaining brand new Amsterdam.

Just how could anybody understand what may have taken place? Any particular one thing isn’t the just occasion that may influence just how things is 300-plus many years to the future.

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