Wat does “No Bounce, No Play” mean?


I found this expression in a review for a Stephen King book which the reviewer apparently did not enjoy. He concluded his
article with “NB, NP”. I can only assume that he was intending the reader to realize that a ball that wouldn’t bounce wouldn’t be much fun to play with, nor would a book which did not appeal to readers be one which enjoyed great sales. But that is anybody’s guess.

The other reference to this expression was in an article by someone evaluating sports equipment, and he was praising the characteristics of a water bottle that had some sort of contraption that kept it still and unspilled while its carrier was running, biking or participating in some other sport. The bottle holder was deemed desirable because it had “NB,NP”, not moving about while the sportsman was in motion. And I think that he meant that was a good thing.

What goes around comes around.
Boy, that’s an oldie. As long as I’ve been around, it has meant something to the effect that you will eventually suffer the same fate as you are dealing out to someone else right now. And, like most old sayings, it got to be an old saying because it has been proven true.

In King’s book “Dreamcatcher” these words are on a sign on the side of a building where the main characters hung out as children. It seems to be an injunction against bouncing balls on the side of the building or playing there from someone with a middling command of English.

For example, if a ball is flat and does not bounce, its not really much fun to play with. Therefore, no bounce, no play.

What goes around comes around well, lets say for example, you stole from a friend. (not saying you would or anything, just using as example) If that friend found out it was you, he might not let you over, or he might steal from you. Thats not a good example but it gets the point across. Do onto others, as youd expect from them. Like, if you do something bad to someone, they’ll do someting back aswell. Like revenge. What goes around, comes around.

I hope you understand lol

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Wat does “No Bounce, No Play” mean?

– “wat goes around comes around”

with examples plz.

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