Was this Poker Hand played out correctly question?

My hand: A,9

Anyone who wager many potato chips gains

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Anyone who wager many potato chips gains

IDK exactly why are you asking me personally

No, you didn’t.  The reason why do you visit AAK?  Poker arms tend to be 5 cards, unless you’re particularly playing 3 card poker.

Answer 6

Indeed. Great Job.

Answer 7

In the event of arms…  they’d be…
YOU: A-A-K-9-8
Buddy: A-A-K-8-4
BELOW EASY / FAST ruling…  the two of you have a couple of Aces w/ King kicker & for that reason would having a split cooking pot.
BELOW FORMAL / DETAILED governing…  you’ll win as the arms vary on the second kicker (9 vs 8).
In terms of split containers, you break it since uniformly as you are able to.  In the case there’s a strange processor chip, you’ll both keep it for the following hand otherwise provide into the supplier for the round.  There’s no unified ruling I’m able to discover about this…  therefore choose everything think will be reasonable.

No. it is usually best 5-card hand. You’d AAK98, while your buddy had AAK84, therefore you should have claimed the whole cooking pot.
So far as splitting containers where in actuality the cooking pot does not come-out also for many, i really believe you’re likely to separate since whilst feasible as well as the rest remains inside cooking pot for the following hand.

By Tx Hold’em guidelines, you need to have claimed the entire cooking pot. You’d AAK98, they’d AAK84.


nope…never heard it played like that…you needs to have claimed everything as you haad the 9 as increased card….oh…actually if it had been 3 card poker after that indeed its a split pot..meaning in most you games performed any person have 2 set or usage four to five cards included in their particular hand…if therefore then chances are you got robbed

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