Voted bostons best restaraunt three years in a row! what is the mistake here

Voted bostons greatest restaraunt three years in a row! what’s the mistake right here

Restaurant was spelled fallacious

Restaurant is spelled fallacious. R-E-S-T-A-U-R-A-N-T is how u spell it.

This sentence is a part of an advertisᴇмᴇɴt to point out attainable clients that the restaurant was voted as an incredible restaurant. The sentence needs to be: “Voted Boston’s greatest restaurant three years in a row!” For the reason that sentence is an exclamation, usually the topic is eradicated which makes the primary phrase of the sentence voted. The primary phrase in an sentence should be capitalized. Boston ought to have an apostrophe as a result of the restaurant “belongs” to Boston. By stating that the restaurant “belongs” to Boston, it provides the restaurant a house and a following. It makes the restaurant extra like a particular place simply within the native space.

Hey there! Listed below are some adjustments you may make to the textual content: Add an apostrophe in “BOSTONS”. The restaurant is in Boston, which means in a way, Boston owns it. Additionally, there is just one Boston that the restaurant is in, so add an apostrophe between the N and the S. BOSTONS  > BOSTON’S The second error is the spelling of “RESTARAUNT”. The location of the U needs to be after the primary A, not the second. RESTARAUNT > RESTAURANT right here is the textual content with the revisions: VOTED BOSTON’S BEST RESTAURANT THREE YEARS IN A ROW! I hope this helped you and have an incredible remainder of your day!

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