Vic Fuentes Self Harm PROOF?

I know Vic used to self harm yeah, but is their like any proof?

Vic Fuentes Scars

There was a Facebook post he made awhile back when he addressed being someone who had self harmed, but I’ve heard from many people that the post was a hoax and his account was hacked. Aside from that I haven’t seen any photos or anything like that to suggest that he self harms. Then again, he might be hiding his scars somewhere aside from the obvious places (i.e. they could be on his thighs instead of the common place of his wrists). It’s hard to say for sure, but here’s the post from his Facebook page. (Btw, this is not my photo because I don’t have a cell phone, I found this on google images it and it was the first hit).

Well, it there isn’t any proof then I guess you don’t really know then, aside from hearsay.

Anyway, when it comes to this sort of thing, only the musicians themselves actually know the details, and it’s almost futile to speculate. For all you know, the whole self harm thing could just be a gimmick to appeal to the target audience… or not. Who knows. All I know is serious mental anguish doesn’t simply disappear when you become famous, unless the initial cause for depression was not being famous enough.

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You can faintly see scars on his forearm in some pictures. And in some interviews focus on his arm and you can sometimes see scars. Plus his songs, interviews, and Twitter post are proof cuz he often refers to his past dealing with self harm

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Although this isn’t my screenshot I saw this post, and find some pierce the veil interviews where he is wearing a shot sleeved shirt and focus on his arms, in certain lighting you can see horizontal lines on his inner forearm

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I heard him talk about it in a lot if interviews and every photo I’ve seen of him hes got a jacket, wearing bracelets or has his wrist covered maybe it too personal for him to want to talk about

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I agree with the other answers. He probably didnt. He probably just said he did because of his fanbase and because its the current trend to self harm and pretend youve been diagnosed with depression (a stupid trend if you ask me)

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I don’t think he ever self harmed. That kind of rubbish didn’t exist when he was a teen.

He probably is dumb enough to think it would make him edgy… so he might make up a story like this for attention and to make more whiny SOB songs.

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