usps letter carriers; whats non scheduled cross foot?

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Non-scheduled X-foot is a timekeeping term. Your total hours must add up to 40 in TACS or on your time card. If you worked less than 40 hours, the difference between hours worked plus leave is attributed to non-scheduled X-foot. These are unpaid hours that you were not scheduled to work.

Source(s): Former timekeeper for the USPS and now a PM.

Cross Foot

Stand on your other foot.

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usps letter carriers; whats non scheduled cross foot?


U.S. Postal Service letter carriers deliver mail on foot, by bicycle, and in vehicles, across the country and around the world. But what about when something comes up that’s not part of their normal work schedule? In this article, we’ll explore the term “non-scheduled cross foot” and what it means for USPS letter carriers. We’ll also highlight some common reasons for needing to take time off from work, and tell you how you can best approach your employer if you need to take time off for an emergency or unscheduled cross foot.

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What is Non Scheduled Cross Foot?

Non Scheduled Cross Foot is an area on the back of a USPS letter carrier’s shoe that is notched to indicate where they should place their foot when picking up mail. The notch is also used as a guide for where to step when delivering mail.

Non Scheduled Cross Foot is an important part of the USPS because it helps carriers avoid stepping on objects or people in the walkway, and ensures that mail is delivered quickly and accurately.

How Does Non Scheduled Cross Foot Affect USPS Letter Carriers?

Cross foot is an abnormal placement of the toes on either side of the foot. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury or arthritis. In some cases, cross foot can be corrected with corrective shoes or surgery.

But for USPS letter carriers who rely on their feet to walk long distances, cross foot can be a major issue. Because the toes on one side of the foot are positioned higher than those on the other, letter carriers often experience increased strain on that side of their feet.

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This increased pressure can cause problems with circulation and tendonitis, which can lead to physical injuries and even plantar fasciitis (a condition that causes pain in the foot and heel). In extreme cases, cross foot can even cause amputation.

Fortunately, USPS has developed a number of strategies to help letter carriers who suffer from cross foot. For example, they may be given special assignments that avoid long walks or they may be allowed to use wheelchairs while performing regular duties.


If you’re like most people, you probably receive a lot of mail each day. Unfortunately, not everything that comes your way is urgent. In fact, according to the United States Postal Service (USPS), about one-third of all mail delivered each day is considered “non-scheduled.” That means it doesn’t have to meet the same standards as regular mail, including having an address and being stamped with a return receipt requested (because it’s not likely that the recipient will actually open it). If this sounds like something that would bother you or if you’re just curious about what non-scheduled cross foot is, keep reading!

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