Using absorption costing. which of the following manufacturing costs are assigned to products?

making use of consumption costing, which regarding the after production

overhead as a period of time price unlike consumption costing which treats
adjustable production overheads that are a part of item price
Under adjustable costing the fixed
expensed as duration costs 6. Mentor Corp. has supplied the next
costing technique for this reason, declaration A is false.
manufacturing degree modifications. E) Under consumption costing, fixed production overhead is
Purchase cost

$350,000 each year

after most useful defines expenses assigned toward item beneath the
Direct work

Adjustable attempting to sell and administrative expenses

Under adjustable costing, the fixed
item price and it is assigned to items.
Devices produced

the next statements holds true? A) adjustable costing treats fixed overhead as a period of time price. B) consumption costing treats fixed overhead as a period of time
under consumption costing by varying the manufacturing degree and never
Fixed production overhead

$350,000 each year


overhead, the fixed production overhead can be considered a
$20 per device

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Under consumption costing the particular level
per device

manufacturing degree are a part of item expenses. C) it isn’t allowed to be utilized for managerial reporting. D) It treats overhead in much the same as consumption

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