Unless a series of sedimentary rock layers has been overturned, which layer is usually the oldest?

the layer on the top. the layer with the most minerals.

The bottom layer. Explanation: The oldest layers are located at the bottom of the sedimentary rock while the youngest layers are found at the top of the rock. Sedimentary rock most times contains a lot of fossils, they constitute of organisms that have once-lived.

The answer is the layer on the bottom. Sedimentary rock is made by the deposition of sediments at the bottom of water bodies such as oceans and seas. As newer soil deposits are brought in by inland inlets, they settle down on the previous older sediments. The sediments are continually brought in until they are huge enough in amount to cause immense pressure on the underlying layers and hence cause them to form into rock.

The correct answer is the layer on the bottom. Explanation: The formation of the sedimentary rock takes place by the deposition of sediments at the bottom of the water bodies like seas and oceans. The newer deposits of soil that comes via inland inlets, get settled over the previously deposited sediments. The sediments are brought in spontaneously unless and until they become sufficiently big in order to impart intense pressure on the layers underneath and thus results in the formation of rocks.

The layer on the bottom generally.

Answer 6

The llayer on the bottom is going to be the oldest because it was the first layer that occured/formed with the sedimentary rock.

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