Unique attributes of firms that give them a competitive edge are called:

Unique attributes of firms that give them a competitive edge are called _____. A. Functional strategies B. Balanced scorecards C. Supply chains D. Core competencies E. Sustainable initiatives The philosophy of making each worker responsible for the quality of his or her work is called: A. skill enhancement C. bottleneck D. top management involvement E. quality at the source In a product layout, the task of deciding how to assign work to specific stations referred to as: A. product design B. task force C. line balancing D. work efficiency analysis E. push system Matching the production rate to the demand variation is which of the following pure planning strategies? A. Chase B. Level C. Stable workforce, variable work hours D. Least total cost E. Economic order quantity initial attributes of businesses providing them with an aggressive benefit tend to be generally _____. A. useful practices B. well-balanced scorecards C. supply stores D. Core competencies E. lasting projects The viewpoint of getting each employee in control of the grade of their particular tasks are known as: A. capability enhancement C. bottleneck D. top management involvement E. high quality within offer In a product design, the work of deciding how exactly to designate strive to specific stations generally: A. product design B. task power C. range managing D. work effectiveness evaluation E. push system “Matching the production cost towards need difference” is which for this after pure planning practices? A. Chase B. quantity C. Stable staff, flexible work hours D. Least complete expenditure E. financial acquisition quantity
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