translation from french to english ” Bon Secours”?

What does the words/title mean; Bon Secours

Both saphire_eyes and sailor_chronos are right. Word for word, ‘bon secours’ means ‘good help.’ However, these two terms together are only found as one word, in place names (e.g. Bonsecours, Québec) or in one of the names given to the Virgin Mary. Note that the correct English version of “Notre-Dame de Bonsecours” is “Our Lady of Comfort.”

This expression is often seen in names such as “Notre Dame de Bon Secours” which means “Our Lady of Good Comfort”. It’s usually used as a reference to the Virgin Mary.

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Good Assistance

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bn secours

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try and get the translation after typting the word.

Good comfort.

Good Help, I think.

Was asking myself the same question

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