Tinder SMS verification not working!!!?

This is so frustrating! The Tinder app wants me to enter my phone number so it can send me a message to verify the account but every time I enter my phone number and hit “request code”, it says “Whoops! An error occurred while requesting a token for SMS verification. Please try again.” How do I fix this?

Absolutely nothing is working on my LG Volt. When I force stop tinder, it does nothing to change the fact that it WILL NOT allow me to verify my phone number in order to use Tinder. I have heard good things about Tinder and really want to use this app. to meet people.

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I had the same problem but was able to figure it out. I was logged into tinder from my old Facebook account that I disabled. I tried logging in tinder with a new Facebook account and this issue popped up. I logged back into my old Facebook account. Went to ACCOUNT SETTINGS -> APPS -> LOGGED IN WITH FACEBOOK. Then disable Tinder. Anyhow I didn’t disable it. I just logged into tinder with my old Facebook account. It worked!

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i found a way around this. If your phone is giving the sms error. Have fb on your phone and instead of your number put a friends number in. It will still connect to your fb account and get through with your friends number.

Source(s): i just tried it on a hunch and it worked

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I got the Tinder code but cannot enter it. I keep getting the Request Code screen and cannot get past to use the code.

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I had issues with tinder not sending me the sms verification code. Tried everything and couldn’t get it to work. I finally said bump it, and deleted Tinder altogether.
My suggestion is to go out and meet women the old fashioned way which is in person. Don’t be shy and open up your mouth and talk to them. They will appreciate it. Don’t rely on some app to get you some women.

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1) The face book profile must be updated with the same phone number requesting for the code.
2) Tinder must be run from the beginning after step 1.

Mine was having the verification problem. THen i got home and connected to itunes. Uninstalled fb and tinder.. Reinstalled and it worked

Same issue despite all hard closes, deleting FB. Everything.

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