Those of you who have watched gilmore girls (earlier season)?

Remember that episode where the town loner wanted to protest something? it was the same episode that the girls attend sherrys baby shower and jess. its on now on abc family.

Oh gosh, that was so long ago.
I looked up the episode you’re talking about and it’s episode 3×05 “Take The Deviled Eggs.”
Here’s the description:…
“The town loner wants to have a demonstration in the town center….They watch the loner guy carry the banner to the church and head up to the second level window. He drops the banner but drops it the wrong side facing forward and when he tries to turn it around, the banner falls to the ground unread by the crowd. They speculate on what it might say but really have no insight into his grievance”

I love that episode!! We never really get to see what he wanted to protest. He was yelling something but no body had any idea what he was saying.
They were talking about what it could be… This is part of that episode..
[the Town Loner appears at an open window in the church, ready to drop the banner]
MISS PATTY: It’s a banner.
TAYLOR: Probably laced with obscenity.
RORY: He’s dropping it!
LORELAI: This is exciting!
[the Town Loner releases the banner, but he releases it backwards so the displayed side in blank]
TAYLOR: It’s blank.
BABETTE: It’s the wrong side.
LORELAI: Turn it over!
[The Town Loner tries to fix it, but the banner rips and falls to the ground]
ANDREW: Did anyone see what it said?
KIRK: Just the flash of a word. It started with an “R.”
LORELAI: Well, all right, then all we have to do is think of everything that someone could protest that starts with an “R”, and then we’ll know what he’s protesting.
RORY: Ragu.
LORELAI: Ragu, yes, he could be protesting Ragu.
BABETTE: Reptiles.
LORELAI: That’s another.
KIRK: Robots.
LORELAI: Could be.
[the Town Loner yells something from the church tower, but it’s too muffled for anyone to understand]
TOWN LONER: Ix crosti sonnicello.
MISS PATTY: What did he say?
KIRK: His diction’s terrible.
BABETTE: I heard Jello, something about Jello.
ANDREW: Well, is he for Jello or against Jello?
LORELAI: It’s not clear.
TOWN LONER: Dopbanoodlestooz!
LORELAI: That was clearer. He said, “Stop the noodle scooz.”
RORY: Stop the noodle scooz?
TAYLOR: That’s not even English.
BABETTE: And what does it have to do with Jello?
LUKE: I heard “Drop the student schools.”
ANDREW: That must be it.
MISS PATTY: No, but that doesn’t make any sense either.
[The Town Loner yells something else]
TAYLOR: Oh, look, now we have to stop this. He could be saying horrible things, blasphemous things.
BABETTE: But how would you know?
RORY: Yeah, what’s the harm if we can’t even understand what he’s saying?
LORELAI: Hey, maybe that’s the Town Loner’s point. That, like, he’s protesting man’s inability to communicate by not communicating and getting us all to talk about communication.
RORY: Whoa, you are blowin’ my mind here.

you actually never see what he was trying to protest. however, it is not important to the storyline, so i wouldnt let it bother you.

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