Thomas jefferson was concerned that the treaty formalizing the louisiana purchase a. would place an unfair tax burden on american

Thomas jefferson ended up being worried the pact formalizing the louisiana acquisition a. would spot an unjust income tax burden on americans. b. would ask french hostility. c. may be unconstitutional. d. ended up being demonstrably unlawful

He had been worried so it may be unconstitutional.

Thomas Jefferson ended up being worried the pact formalizing the acquisition regarding the “Louisiana buy” from France ended up being unconstitutional. But in the long run Thomas Jefferson decided using the acquisition regarding the land and bypassed their worries regarding the work becoming unconstitutional.

I am quite specific it really is C because no place into the constitution does it provide the president the ability to purchase land. Thus I would place C as my response.

C. it really is unconstitional because a president doesn’t always have the ability to buy land

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