Think about the main character in the story “an episode of war” by stephen crane. which adjective best describes the lieutenant?

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The best adjective that you could use to describe the lieutenant in the story “An Episode of War” by Stephen Crane is humble. The story follows the lieutenant from the moment he was shot until he faces his family with only one arm. Right at the end of the story, the lieutenant says, “Oh well…I don’t suppose it matters so much as all that.” This shows that even though the lieutenant lost his arm, he is very humble.

Humble Explanation:

The adjective that I think best describes the “lieutenant” in the story is BRAVE. Explanation: “An Episode Of War” is a short story by Stephen Crane. The protaginist of the story is unnamed “lieutenant” who lose his arm in the battle. The story tells us about the life of a lieutenant. Their life is tough not only on just the war-field but also when they become victim of the war and loses any of their body parts and become unfit for the war-field. In the story this unnamed lieutenant is treated badly at the hospital by the doctor after he was shot. His family cries seeing him in one arm. But the lieutenant is brave as even after facing this much of problems and scorns he is ready to face the life even with one arm. And this is the story of how the lieutenant lost his arm. When he
reached home, his sisters, his mother, his wife sobbed for a long time
at the sight of the flat sleeve. “Oh, well,” he said, standing
shamefaced amid these tears, “I don’t suppose it matters so much as all

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I am taking the same question and it is HUMBLE

‘An Episode of War’ by Stephen Crane is a story telling the damage of a young lieutenant during war – from the instant the man was shot up until he faced his family. The lieutenant in the civil war can be described here is humble – the best adjective to be used here.

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