Thermal Conductivity Ranking Task?

Six objects are placed in a 500 oF (260 oC ) oven and allowed to reach thermal equilibrium. Each object has a mass of 1.0 kg. The specific heat and thermal conductivity of each substance are denoted by c and k.

Part A :  silver ingot> aluminum pot>iron skillet>glass casserole>welldone steak>wooden cutting board.
Part B: welldone steak> wooden cutting board > aluminum pot>glass casserole> iron skillet > silver ingot
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How the objects feel coming out of the oven will have to do with how quickly they transfer their internal energy to the surface where it will be transferred to your finger and absorbed. This would be the thermal conductivity of the item. The faster it conducts heat from the inside to your finger, the hotter it will feel. The highest thermal conductivity (k) will feel the hottest.
Part 2:
For part 2, since they are sealing the samples in a cell and looking at the final equilibrium temperature, they are asking about the total internal energy stored in each object (this will have nothing to do with the speed with which it is conducted in the sample). This is a function of the heat capacity (energy stored per unit of mass) of each material. The material with the highest heat capacity will be the one with the highest equilibrium temperature.
Hopefully that explanation will be enough for you to solve this problem on your own. Good luck!

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