The word ‘opera’ means what in italian

The phrase “opera” means what in italian

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It’s opera it’s the identical

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It truly means “Work” Not the identical.

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idk what it’s but when it helps you eradicate i put drama like the opposite man mentioned and that i bought it fallacious Rationalization: drama is NOT appropriate

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The Italian phrase opera means “work”, each within the sense of the labour achieved and the end result produced. The Italian phrase stems from the Latin opera, a singular noun that means “work” in addition to the plural of the noun opus. Opera refers to a kind of theatre by which music has a number one function and the elements are taken by singers. Nonetheless, it’s totally different from musical theater. Opera consists of a lot of performing arts, corresponding to performing, surroundings, costume, and typically dance or ballet.

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The phrase ‘opera’ is Italian which implies, ‘work’.

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