The spheres that only earth has are a

Actually it’s C.ALL planets have a atmosphere but it’s toxic. We have a BIOSPHERE that’s what makes things LIVING.

The correct answer is option C, hydrosphere and biosphere Explanation: It is the planet earth that consists of hydrosphere (water ) and biosphere (living things) that are distinctive of other planets. Most of the planets have  atmosphere but they are not of the same quality as that of planet earth that could support life. Also some planets have frozen water (cryosphere) beneath their surface crust such as moon , venus etc. and lithosphere is present in all the planets with distinctive features and characteristics from each other.

Biosphere Explanation: Biosphere is life and no other planet has life.

could you add me as best answer?

Hydrosphere and Lithosphere.

Answer 6

Ibelieve the answer is atmosphere

Answer 7

The four main spheres on earth are; lithosphere(land) , hydrosphere(water), biosphere (living things) and atmosphere (air).

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