The python language is not sensitive to block structuring of code.

CONCERN 18 The Python code isn’t responsive to prevent structuring of rule. elizabeth Genuine O Felse CONCERN 19 Python lets you contrast chain, however it is maybe not instance delicate. elizabeth Genuine O fake CONCERN 20 Python makes use of the exact same signs when it comes down to task agent when it comes to equivalence agent. elizabeth Genuine O fake ti CONCERN 21 precisely what does listed here term suggest? x < y x are higher than or corresponding to y Ox are not as much as or corresponding to y ex are higher than y CONCERN 23 The maybe not agent are a unary agent which is employed in a substance term. Real O fake CONCERN 24 what's the results of listed here Boolean term, glven that x= 5. y x < y and z> x 3, and z = 87 O fake O Reliable CONCERN 25 An action in one single alternate choice design is conducted only if the disorder does work. True-false
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