The process of losing their outer layers causes stars to lose

The method of dropping their outer layers causes stars to lose

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-form nebulae & type white dwarfs. White dwarfs have a 1/3 of the mass of their former self. The output the same quantity of power. Finally, they’ll burn out as effectively, this causes it to type a black dwarf. When the universe goes darkish, these might type Ionic Spheres as a result of an assortment of issues. An alternate path is the gravity turns into so out of whack {that a} struggle is began. The star vs it´s personal gravity. If the star wins, a Neutron star is shaped. If gravity wins, a black gap is shaped.

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hey!! The outer layers of the star fall inward on the neutron core, thereby crushing it additional. The core heats to billions of levels and explodes (supernova), thereby releasing giant quantities of power and materials into house. hope this helps >3 Rationalization:

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