The pancreatic duct delivers chemicals to what part of the digestive system

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Pancreatic duct delivers chemicals to duodenum of small intestine.
Explanation: Pancreatic duct is the complex structure, also called the hepatopancreatic duct. It is formed of pancreatic duct itself along with common bile duct, carrying bile juice from liver, and opens into the lesser curvature of duodenum.
The pancreatic duct delivers pancreatic juice, contains a lot of enzymes like amylase, lipase, DNAase, RNAase, carboxypeptidase, aminopeptidase etc and bile juice containing bile salts and cholesterol, with heavy metal ions, and bile pigments etc.

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The Chemical digestion which happens in the small intestine is based on the three digestive organs namely the liver,gallbladder and pancreas. The pancreas has exocrine cells secreting buffers and enzymes and produces pancreatic juice containing carbonate ions and would deliver it to the duodenum which is the answer.

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