The north end of what footbridge is very near the magnificent baroque cathedral that is famous for the dome added by restorer christopher

The north finish of what footbridge could be very close to the magnificent baroque cathedral that’s well-known for the dome added by restorer christopher wren?

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The Millennium Bridge Rationalization: The Millennium Bridge, also referred to as the London Millennium Footbridge, is a metal suspension bridge for individuals to cross the River Thames in London, it hyperlinks Bankside with the Metropolis of London. The bridge is positioned amid Southwark Bridge and Black friars Bridge.  One finish of the bridge is near the Globe theatre, in addition to the Bankside Gallery, Tate Fashionable, and Metropolis of London Faculty under St Paul’s Cathedral. The bridge is aligned in a manner {that a} clear view of St Paul’s south façade may be seen throughout the river, mounted by the bridge helps.

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no rationalization: no

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