The music of machaut is representative of the musical style known as a. ars nov

The music of machaut is consultant of the musical model often known as a. ars nova. b. ars medieval. c. greek. d. ars antiqua.

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The reply is ars nova

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A. ars nova. Rationalization: Guillaume de Machaut (1300 – 1377) was a French composer and poet born in Machaut, thought of Ars Nova’s biggest musician, a interval that encompasses all music composed between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. Canon of the well-known Reims cathedral, he was secretary of John of Luxembourg (1296-1346), king of Bohemia (1310-1346). His musical work is taken into account one of many excessive factors of 14th century artwork. He was the creator of lyrics, ballads, dances, motets and the well-known Messe Notre Dame, the primary polyphonic mass. Ars Nova’s model is extra expressive and refined, its rhythms extra versatile and its polyphony extra advanced.

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(Sorry i did not know the fourth query)

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