The Medicis made the city-state of Florence more beautiful during the Renaissance by building churches and temples. parks and bridges.

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the ss was the main organization responsible for the genocidal murder of around six million people of european ethnic minorities, essentially jews, in the holocaust. the members of all its branches committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during the second world war (1939-1945). likewise, the ss were involved in commercial enterprises and exploited the inmates of the concentration camps as slave laborers. the tortures and assassinations committed by the ss were the result of an ideology developed long before the armed conflict, this ideology was based on the racial supremacy of the germans over the rest.

interest groups send representatives to state capitals and to washington, d.c. to put pressure on members of congress and other policymakers. they engage in lobbying, or the organized process of influencing legislation or policy. lobbying can take many forms. interest groups can testify in congressional hearings.

the answer is palaces and libraries. please give brainliest

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