The elements that do not ordinarily form compounds are?

a. halogens.

C. Noble fumes will be the non reacting elements
with regards to halogens: becoming nonmetals, they might be bad conductors of electrical energy as well as heat.
becoming halogens they might be reactive
F and Cl tend to be fumes Br is fluid and I also as well as tend to be solids, it can follow a design.

Sun and rain which do not normally form substances tend to be- noble fumes( obtained entirely filled valence subshells-ie 8 electrons)
Which home of bromine can you never predict on the basis of the undeniable fact that its a nonmetal when you look at the halogen household?
fluid at room-temperature

1) c
Noble fumes tend to be INERT in the wild. They don’t develop substances under regular problems because their particular outermost layer is full.
2) b
All of the halogens tend to be fumes, but bromine is fluid. Hence the clear answer.

Very first concern: c
2nd: b

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