The diagram below shows the first four steps of meiosis. what is happening in the step labeled c?

The diagram beneath exhibits the primary 4 steps of meiosis. what is occurring within the step labeled c? you! ✔️

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New haploid cells are forming

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it is j Rationalization: as a result of i stated so

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Reply & Working: Utilizing Pythogoras’ Theorem: a) every flip at A √(500)²+(200)² = 538.5meach flip at B √(538.5)²+(200)² = 574.4meach flip at C √(574.4)²+(200)² = 608.2m b) whole distance = 500 + 4(200) + 700 = 2000m c) tan θ = reverse/adjoining tan θ = 200/500 θ = tan^-1(2/5) = 21.8° d) OB-OC = tan^-1(200/538.5) = 20.4° OC-OD = tan^-1(200/574.4) = 19.2° OD-r.p = tan^-1(200/608.2) = 18.2° d.p –> r.p = 21.8° + 20.4° + 19.2° + 18.2° = 79.6° (Appropriate me if i’m unsuitable)

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Reply 2nd diagram Rationalization. When contraction a parallel line from some extent say N, exterior the road, the very first thing is to attract a line from level N to the that line. The purpose the place this line from N intersect with line, title it say P. From this level you should utilize the properties of angles in a parallel traces to assemble the parallel line. The road NP can act like a transverse of the 2 parallel traces. The diagram 2 exhibits first step.

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B. Mitotic spindles and spindle fibers are forming Rationalization:

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C. Spindle fibers are pulling the threads aside. Rationalization: Zygotene is the sub-stage of prophase I of meiosis I, on this stage pairing of homologous chromosomes takes place. The paired chorormosmes are referred to as tetrads or bivalents. In tetrads, a chromatid of 1 pair is connected to the chromatid in a homologous chromosomes. Crossing over is completed between two non-sister chromatids of a homologous pair. After crossing over, homologous chromosomes getting separated within the image labeled B. Thus, C is the proper possibility.

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id say b Rationalization:

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In firstclass sort of levers the load and response should be on reverse facet of the fulcrum So in such a system fulcrum is at all times on the mid place of load and utilized drive So right here we will see that first determine is satisfying the scenario of firstclass lever So right reply can be FIRST FIGURE

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j Rationalization: as a result of ye

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the proper one is just not on right here but when there isn’t any extra selections then it’s the first one

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