The businesses in a diversified company’s lineup exhibit good resource fit when: a. the resource requirements of each business exactly

The businesses in a diversified company’s lineup exhibit good resource fit when: a. the resource requirements of each business exactly match the resources the company has available. b. individual businesses have matching resource requirements at points along their value chain and add to a company’s overall resource strengths and when solid parenting capabilities exist without spreading itself too thin. c. each business generates just enough cash flow annually to fund its own capital requirements and thus does not require cash infusions from the corporate parent. d. each business unit produces sufficient cash flows over and above what is needed to build and maintain the business, thereby providing the parent company with enough cash to pay shareholders a generous and steadily increasing dividend. e. there are enough cash cow businesses to support the capital requirements of the cash hog businesses.

AB access providerBusiness that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet free or for a fee. Explanation:

access provider Explanation:

Forms of business organizations 1. Characteristics that would apply to a limited liability company and a limited liability partnership: F. Limited financial liability 2. Business Scenario and Type of Business a. Selena and Mario run a law firm in Chicago. LLC/LLP
.  The firm has debt of $100,000, but Selena  and Mario will not be held personally liable for  the law firm’s debt.  Limited Liability Partnership b. Chris, the CEo of a beverage company, is Sole Proprietorship
required to certify the accuracy of information Corporation Partnership
provided in the company’s quarterly reports LLC/LLP c. Brandon started a business, based in a different  state, with his uncle. Due to the business’s under-
performance, they had to close the business.  Brandon, however, ended up losing his house due  to a litigation claim. Partnership d. Richard founded and operated a wedding planning  agency, which specialized in celebrity weddings.  When he died, his business was dissolved because  there was no plan for control after his death. Sole Proprietorship Explanation: A sole proprietorship is owned by one person without the advantage of being registered as a company (LLC). A partnership is a business organization owned by more than one person without the advantage of limited liability of the partners or being registered as a company (LLC).  A corporation is an incorporated business organization with limited liability for the shareholders.  Limited liability company (LLC) is a corporation that is owned by individuals with the advantage of limited liability.  A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership or business organization owned by more than one person which enjoys limited liability.

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Which would you most likely find a smaller amount of in a government budget than in a personal or household budget?

The percentage of people affected by the budget who are responsible for making it
Lynn is at a store and wants to buy a new backpack that costs $55. She only has $35 with her, but she has the rest at home. Lynn also has a credit card that does not charge her any interest if she pays the balance in full by the end of the month. Why might Lynn want to wait until she has $55 in cash at the store to purchase the backpack, instead of using her credit card?
She might forget to pay the credit card bill, which would make her purchase more expensive due to interest payments and late charges.
Question 8(Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)
(American Money LO 7 MC)  
Which of the following is true about the U.S. federal government’s ability to borrow money?
The federal government can put money back into the economy during times of economic hardship without raising taxes.
Question 10(Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)
(American Money LO 3 MC)   In what way do mixed and market economies support the ideals of democracy?
Mixed and market economies protect individuals’ ability to make their own economic decisions Question 14(Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)
(American Money LO 4 MC)   Carl decides to keep his money under his mattress instead of putting it in the bank. If everyone made the same decision as Carl, what might the impact be on the national economy?

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It would hurt economic growth because banks often lend money to borrowers who then put that money back into circulation.
Question 15(Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)
(American Money LO 4 MC)  
Is a bank more likely to increase or decrease the amount of money in circulation?
A bank will increase the amount of money in circulation because it can help transfer money from people who want to save money to people who are going to spend it.
Question 16(Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)  
Imagine an economy without banks. Would it be more or less difficult for people to reach their financial goals?

More difficult, because it would be much harder for people to save money or obtain loans without banks.

Answer 6

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Usually required to make a minimum deposit upfront. Depending on the bank and the type of account you’re opening this can be as little as $1. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about any fees or additional charges

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