The breakup of pangaea resulted in warm, wet global climates. select the best answer from the choices provided t f

The breakup of pangaea resulted in heat, moist world climates. choose the very best reply from the alternatives supplied t f

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That assertion is fake. As you may as properly know, Pangea was the title of a single ginormous continent that existed hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Because the years handed by, it broke down into smaller items, which additionally broke down and fashioned the continents we’ve got right now. However, going again to the assertion, it can’t be right since we’ve got all forms of climates in several continents, and never all of them are heat and moist. Hope it helped, BioTeacher101

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F Rationalization:

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The reply is False. The break up of the supercontinent produced numerous continents which we see right now, which have various climates relying on the latitude by which they’re. These continents near the equator expertise equatorial and tropical local weather whereas these near the poles expertise a temperate local weather.

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False, The breakup of Pangaea didn’t lead to heat, moist, world climates. Instance. Antarctica

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The break up of pangaea didn’t lead to heat,moist,world climates.for instance antarctica

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