The box plots show attendance at a school dance competition and school badminton games. box plots titled attendance at school dance

The IQR is a greater measure of unfold for dance competitions than for badminton video games. Step-by-step rationalization: I perceive from “Dance Competitors field plot has interquartile ranges roughly between 60 and 130” that quartile 1 is at 60 and quartile 3 is at 130, then, the interquartile vary (IQR) is 130 – 60 = 70. Equally, from Badminton field plot, quartile 1 is at 90 and quartile 3 is at 150, then, the interquartile vary is 150 – 90 = 60. IQR is a measure of statistical dispersion, that’s, as IQR improve, unfold improve.

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