Tell about your travel brightly and stylishly

One way to tell about your travel is to present it using Power Point or Google Slides. The presentation of the travel allows you to visually show all the beauty of other countries and cities, their outstanding places and sights, nature to creatively tell about Your adventures.

PoweredTemplate will help you with a bright and creative design of your presentation.

You can choose any travel presentation template with an incredible design. There is a variety of templates, that include more than 1300 variants. With their help, you will be able to properly structure your presentation and design it in such a way that it will be remembered forever.

Who will use travel templates?

Travel presentation templates will be useful for travelers. With the help of these templates, they will be able to tell about their travels in the best way.

Also, travel templates will be useful for businesses, especially travel agencies and organizers of trips, tours, excursions, and recreation.

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After you choose the presentation template you need from among the ones offered, you need to download it.

In the menu of each template, you will see information about the template: the number of slides, size, and image quality parameters.

In the card of each template, information about the developer, rating of the template, type of download, creation date, and a list of programs with which the template integrates are available.

You can also preview all slides of the template in the menu of presentation templates.

Under the image of the presentation template, the PoweredTemplate service offers convenient functions: save to favorites, find similar templates, and share.

Under the basic information about the template and the download buttons, you can read the text description of the template, which contains all the information about the template: the history of its creation, the main and secondary colors used in the template.

With the help of the PoweredTemplate resource, you can download the template for free, or use the paid features of the Premium plan.

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Download options

When downloading for free, the service immediately offers you to save the template in a program of your choice: Power Point or Google Slides.

If you choose Power Point, after a few seconds the file will start downloading in archive format.

In the downloaded archive, you will find not only the templates themselves but also licenses for them and individual images.

When choosing Google Slides, the template opens already in this program and you can start working.

The quantity of free downloads is limited – you can download templates for free only up to 10 times.

For those who need a larger number of downloads, the paid version of the resource is suitable. The paid version allows you to download up to 150 templates daily, depending on the selected plan.

For example, the monthly paid plan includes Full Access, Free Daily Updates, Timely Support, 100 Downloads/Month, and 10 Downloads/Day.

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