Techniques for building employee empowerment include:

Techniques for building employee empowerment include: a. building communication networks that include employees. b. developing open, supportive supervisors c. building high-morale organizations. d. moving responsibility from both managers and staff to
production employees. e. All of the answers are techniques for employee

The correct answer is option e.
Empowerment is nothing but the though process which gives the
ability to act or behave appropriately in order to make appropriate
decisions. There are four key elements that promote worker
involvement are:-

Providing people with authority and power to take work-related
Timely access to information which helps in taking informed
Organizational effectiveness depends on the skills and
knowledge of the employees to make good decisions.
Rewards motivate employees to get involved in the

This is also achieved through shared leadership. Shared
leadership is the broadly distributed leadership where the people
within the team and organization lead each other. In this type of
leadership every member influence and support each other. The team
members are flexible and adaptable to the changing condition of
business and work efficiently and effectively in challenging work
environment. The team members focus on continuous learning to gain
knowledge and experience and also motivate each other for growth
and development.

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