taggare gli amici nei luoghi con Opera Mobile, simbian 60?

Are you looking for a fun way to spend a summer afternoon with your friends? If so, taggare gli amici nei luoghi con Opera Mobile, simbian 60 may be the perfect activity for you! This simple game involves asking your friends to tag you in photos and videos taken at specific locations – like a park, beach, or cityscape.

What is Opera Mobile?

Opera Mobile is a mobile phone application that allows users to tag and share photos and videos with friends.

2. How does Opera Mobile work?

When you open Opera Mobile, you will see a list of your friends who have also installed the application. You can select any of your friends to tag a photo or video. Once you have tagged the photo or video, you can share it with your friends by selecting “Share” from the menu.

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How to use Opera Mobile

You can tag friends in Opera Mobile by pressing and holding on a friend’s name. After you’ve tagged a friend, they will show up with a blue dot next to their name. You can also un-tag a friend by pressing and holding on their name.

How to keep your friends updated with your location

If you’re using Opera Mobile, there are several ways to keep your friends updated with your location.

One way is to use the “Nearby Friends” feature. This allows you to see where your friends are and how far away they are from you. You can also send them a message or call them directly from the “Nearby Friends” screen.

Another way to keep your friends updated with your location is through the “Opera Mini Browser.” This is a small browser that you can access without leaving Opera Mobile. You can use it to view the websites that your friends have visited, as well as the pages that they are viewing on their phones.

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Finally, you can use the “Send Location” feature in Opera Mobile to send your current location to your friends. This will allow them to find you even if you’re out of range of their phone towers.


If you’re looking to tag your friends in photos and videos taken with Opera Mobile, there’s a way to do it without leaving the app. Just open up Opera Mobile, go to the Camera menu, and select Tag Friends. You’ll then be able to type in the names of your friends, or just use their Facebook profiles if they’ve authorized Opera Mobile to access their data. Once you’ve tagged your friends, they’ll show up in photos and videos that you take with Opera Mobile along with any comments that you add.


Q: I taggare gli amici nei luoghi con Opera Mobile, come faccio?

A: Basta cliccare sul pulsante “Taggare gli amici” nella pagina di dialogo in cui si desidera inviare il messaggio. Puoi anche utilizzare il tasto destro del mouse per selezionare i propri amici e cliccare su “Taggarli”.

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Q: Come funziona il taggamento dei simbian ?

A: Il taggamento di simbian funziona in modo molto semplice. Basta selezionarne uno e cliccare sul pulsante “Taggarlo”. Il simbionte verrà automaticamente inviato all’amico selezionato.

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