Symbol for population standard deviation

Match the following terms used in the class to their respective symbols. Population mean Sample mean Population variance Population standard deviation Sample variance Sample standard deviation Population proportion Sample proportion Geometric mean Coefficient of variation Null hypothesis Alternative hypothesis Level of significance Power of a test Level of confidence A. cv B.μ E. G.α K.π L. N.σ Match the next terms found in the course with their particular signs. Population suggest test suggest Population difference Population standard deviation test difference test standard deviation Populace percentage test percentage Geometric mean Coefficient of difference Null theory alternate theory standard of relevance energy of a test standard of self-confidence A. cv B.μ E. G.α K.π L. N.σ

Population suggest –
Test suggest – M
Populace Difference –
Population standard deviation –
Test difference – s2
Test standard deviation – s
Populace percentage –
Test percentage – p
Geometric Suggest – G
Coefficient of Variation – CV
Null theory – Ho
Alternate theory – H1
Standard of relevance –
Energy of test – 1 –
Standard of self-confidence – 1 –

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