Suppose you turn to the weather channel on tv because you want to know if the weather is good for ice-skating. the specific information

Most likely if you are trying to find out if you can go ice-skating you are most likely going to find out how cold it is. In other words you will be paying attention to the temperature.

Actually! you will not be looking for how cold it’s outside cold isn’t in current excistance bc there is only heated energy you don’t find dome as of cold energy!

B. Temperature. Explanation: By knowing the temperature levels for that specific day, one is able to determine whether the lakes and rivers would freeze well-enough to support ice-skaters without breaking. A temperature under the water freezing point is desired.

B. Temperature is what you would be looking for

B. The temperature if you are going skating right then

Answer 6

Temperature is what you should look for in the forecast

Answer 7

The answer is a

Who even watches the weather channel?

You want to look at the weather and whether or not it would snow.

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