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Ecuador, along with areas of the modern-day Andean countries of Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Peru, was once part of the extensive Inca empire that existed from about 1197 through 1533. In 1533, Atahualpa, the last of the Inca emperors, was executed by the Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro. His death was the final chapter in the story of a bitter battle between two half-brothers.

1.El imperio Inca comprende (spans over) territorios de lo que actualmente (currently) son Ecuador, BOLIVIA, Argentina, CHILE y Perú.
2.Atahualpa es el ULTIMO emperador Inca.
3.Antes de morir (Before dying), Huayna Capac divide su IMPERIO, y le da a Atahualpa la parte norte del territorio, y a Huáscar la parte sur.
4.La madre de Atahualpa es una PRINCESA de Quito.
5.La guerra (war) entre Huáscar y Atahualpa se conoce como (is known as) la Guerra de los Dos HERMANOS .
6.Atahualpa ofrece (offers) una gran cantidad de ORO Y PLATA a cambio de (in exchange for) su liberación.

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Source(s): spanish is my first language

Spanish from Spain is severely distinctive from the single used in maximum Latin usa, even nevertheless in this actual exercising the excellence in no longer needed. besides, that is offering you with solutions and asking you to place in writing questions that could acquire those solutions. a million. Mi padre se llama Tom (My father’s call is Tom) ¿Cómo se llama su padre? (what’s your father’s call) 2.No, no tengo un tio (No, i’ve got not got an uncle) ¿Tiene usted un tío? (Do you have an uncle?) 3. hay catorce personas mi familia (There are fourteen human beings in my kin) ¿Cuantas personas hay en su familia? (how many all and sundry is there on your loved ones?) 4. Si mi sobrina es sorda (specific, my niece is deaf) ¿Es sorda su sobrina? (Is your niece deaf?) 5. Su hermana u . s . a . lentes (His/her sister wears glasses) ¿u . s . a . lentes su hermana? (Does his/her sister placed on glasses?) 6. Ella es mi nieta (She’s my granddaughter) ¿Quien es ella? (who’s she?) – or – ¿Es ella su nieta? ( Is she your granddaughter?) For this i’m utilizing the extra formal “usted” somewhat of “tu”. they could nicely be used interchangeably, yet usted is extra often used in formal written projects for human beings studying Spanish. wish this enables!

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