Sound in Synthesia won’t work?

I added synthesia to my computer a few days ago, and when I went to open it. There was no sound, when a song was playing? How can I fix this so there’s sound as I play along?

go to keyboard set up and check your out put devices . click which ever one you see and and click test to check which out put device work.

Got to settings and hit Music Devices. Turn off Synthesia Vitrual Piano

1. Go to settings
2. Click Music Devises
3. Music Output
4. Enable All

Cheers Ricardo

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Audio Output
3. Enable them all

Answer 6

I had the same problem, try going to settings > Music devices > Music Output > Notes Hit enable.

Answer 7

there isnt anything in my music output when i click on it anyone know how to fix it

no answer lol


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