Sonnet 17 by Pablo Neruda concludes with imagery that helps readers to picture ______.?

the unity of the speaker and his beloved <–

this reader photos nothing as you haven’t given me the poem to learn.

I am sorry however I reside in California and laughter is grossly unlawful right here. Yeah? The fellows on the principle avenue downtown the place I used to reside had been carrying on a enjoying tag and simply having enjoyable normally. It appeared they might have stopped in one of many many bars alongside the row and had been simply having a good time on the sidewalk. As I walked by I instructed one in every of them to watch out since public shows of happiness weren’t allowed in California … he laughed and carried on along with his pals till a police cruiser pulled up, after which a backup, and earlier than you realize it the streets had been quiet as soon as once more. The happiness had been eliminated and arrested. However sure, I agree with Neruda … I snort every day for completely NO REASON and revel in each minute of it. You do not want one thing to snort “at” with a view to snort. You may chuckle or snort to your self and it’ll nonetheless perk you uP. Simply attempt it. Love, Gentle, laughter, and happpiness be with you, I AM dartagnon

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