so where ya gonna ask yer motorcycle questions after this BS is shut down?

I mean like where else ya gonna have the great Harley Davidson what oil should I use debate? What bike should I buy? Why is my battery dead? What tires should use? Whats my motorcycle worth? LMFAO!


Join a motorcycle club. Open membership clubs will put up posters at dealer memo boards. Ride with friends who are good mechanics. Hang around the local shop. Find enthusiast sites.

  You mean, no more “You Can’t use Rotella  in a Harley, even though owner’s manual says you can”?
   Nor: ” All motorcycles have CDI ignition.  I Know, a guy  on YouTube Said so”?
  Or: “Don’t downshift Until you are stopped at the at the red light”?
  Or  “Don’t Ever use your kill switch ! “?
  “Don’t run your fuel tank dry; you will suck up sludge and burn out pump”?
  “My Haynes has a Schematic of my motorcycle in it” ?
  “The Bernoulli effect does Not make planes fly” ?
  “Have you heard about the ‘Peking Boulevard’ ?”
  “You can weld Cr-MO bars as long as you want, they don’t heat-soak”?
  “Red wire is Always Positive”?
  “All cars have 12 volt alternators” ?
  “All cars have EFI fuel injection”?
  “You cant drive a Model “T” on public roads” ?
  Or: “Don’t Watch your rev counter (tach), nor  listen to engine for shift points. Go only by speedometer.”?
  Or: “I’m in the ‘Dirty Dozen M.C’,  I’m a one-percenter, when a  Hells Angel at the Florence run said that  club  was defunct in the ’90’s”?
  Or: “Don’t you subscribe to the Coolidge ‘Examiner’ and see if the Florence run is cancelled Ahead of time? When you live in Tucson; 80 miles away on back roads?” 
   Today: “Cars used to be positive ground, But, Electricity travels the other way, now”?
  I guess I want what You guys are smoking. It’s legal in my state, now.

Please let us know where you intend to go.
Then the rest of us can avoid your rants.

The good thing about YA shutting down is trolls like you will be gone.

Answer 6

well I guess there are motorcycle forums though its an FXR 1986. by the way

Answer 7

Doesn’t take much to make a moron laugh…….

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