Skyrim: Bless This Home Spell?

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I’ve recently installed mods for the creation of new homes/settlements in Skyrim for my PC but am unable to move my family (two girls, me) into any of them. I read that I could cast a spell called “Bless Home” and choose to make the house my own. I cannot, however, find where to purchase/obtain this spell and am not able to find its code for entrance into ‘console commands’. If anyone can help it’d be greatly appreciated.

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It’s a Restoration spell (0 mana cost) that’s included with the “Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions” mod by TMPhoenix (available at I installed it and it worked very nicely. I have 4 adopted children now, a Bard, a Housecarl (Rayya from Falcreath), a House Steward (Lydia from Whiterun), and a wife (Ria from the Companions in Jorrvaskr/Whiterun) – all crammed into Lakeview Manor, and everybody gets along just fine. My only problem is that I can’t give gifts to adoptees #3 and #4 because (I think) there aren’t chests at the foot of the beds they sleep in (I can give them coin when they ask for it, but when I try to give them treats, clothing, or toys those options are greyed out and a message pops up that says the intended gift is too heavy for them to carry) – but otherwise everything seems okay. Good luck!

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Bless This House Cast

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Skyrim: Bless This Home Spell?

For those of you who don’t know, the Bless This Home spell is a powerful spell that can be used to protect your home from harm. It’s especially useful for those who live in dangerous areas or who are constantly facing threats. So, how do you cast the spell?

What is the Bless This Home Spell in Skyrim?

The Bless This Home Spell is a spell added in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that allows the player to bless their home. If the player has the spell, they can cast it on their housecarl to make them more resistant to fire damage.

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How to obtain the Bless This Home Spell

In order to obtain the Bless This Home Spell, the Dragonborn must first complete the quest “The Way of the Voice.” Once this quest has been completed, the Dragonborn will be able to find the spell tome for this spell inside of Ustengrav.

How to use the Bless This Home Spell

The Bless This Home Spell is a powerful tool that can help to keep your home safe from harm. Here is how to use it:

1. Begin by casting the spell in your own hand. You will need to use a Skyrim mod or console command to do this.

2. Chant the words of the spell while holding your hand over the door of your home.

3. As you chant, visualize a bright white light surrounding your home and protecting it from all harm.

4. When you have finished chanting, release the spell into the air and watch as it surrounds your home in a protective bubble.

Alternatives to the Bless This Home Spell

There are a number of ways to bless your home in Skyrim, and the Bless This Home spell is just one option. If you’re looking for alternatives to the Bless This Home spell, here are a few options:

1. The Purify Blood spell can be used to cleanse your home of any negative energy or influence.

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2. The Rune Master’s Blessing spell will protect your home from harm and evil.

3. The Circle of Protection spell will create a magical barrier around your home, keeping out unwanted guests.

4. The Guardian Circle spell will summon a powerful spirit to defend your home from harm.

5. The Blessing of Kynareth spell will bestow the goddess’ blessing upon your home, making it a safe haven from the dangers of the world.


The Bless this Home spell in Skyrim is a powerful tool that can help to protect your home from harm. While it is not required, it is highly recommended that you use this spell if you want to keep your home and belongings safe. This spell can be cast on any object in your home, including furniture, appliances, and even clothing. By casting this spell, you are essentially creating a barrier of protection around your home that will deter negative energy and forces from entering. If you are looking for a way to keep your home safe, the Bless this Home spell is definitely worth considering.

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