Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves

Outline the spot confined because of the provided figure. Choose whether
Remedy one curve2x+y -48 forx as, 2x+ y2 = 48 2x-48-y 48 y Subtract y separate by 4] = 24- Through the overhead chart you will find that 24 -andx-yis steady in period -8,6 the best border isx 24-and the remaining border are x -y The formula when it comes down to section of the area has arrived ½-24–Xy=y and c=-8,d=6 for that reason, place of area are, 划dy -416 a(90)- 686 686 therefore, place of area is
+ y2 = 48, x = y 2 x y 2 2 48 x y and locate
place of area. and locate

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