Should a tuba be in a jazz band?

Indeed. This will depend regarding the design they perform.

Yes. This will depend regarding the design they perform.

While there are some standard jazz setups, almost any tool may be integrated.

The reason why should not it is?

As long as you are hopeless.
Usually, a tuba does not belong in a….. “Jazz” Band.

In classic back-in-the-day brand new Orleans jazz, tuba ended up being the bass that would be heard within the various other horn people.

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no.  but a similar tool may be a bass trombone when you can figure out how to play that.

Answer 7

They are generally known as “oom-pah-pah” groups, for apparent explanations. And I also imagine you really suggest sousaphone. The tuba is yet another creature.

During the early several years of jazz, it absolutely was the concept bass tool. The bonus is unlike a string bass, it’s lightweight. I’ve seen a bassoon in a jazz musical organization, which was strange.
Edit: possibly it’s the sousaphone this is certainly more widespread. it is nevertheless a portable reduced sign-up tool utilized before amplifiers.

Have you ever heard the Dirty Dozen Brass Band?


We don’t understand why maybe not – the reason why should sequence tools become just people to try out bass? Tubas tend to be quite typical in trad jazz groups, nonetheless they function much more modern-day ensembles and.

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