sh4ldr in C: drive – is it safe?

Whilst browsing my computer (I have a Windows 7 laptop), I came across a folder called sh4dlr. I did an internet search and all that I found was that it’s bad news. In the folder itself, there are four files; initrd.gz, shldr, shldr.mbr and vmlinuz.

Run HitMan Pro.
Its free for the first 30 days and is very good at finding infections that others can’t find.

This folder, sh4ldr, contains accessory files for an anti-malware application called SpyHunter. The files allow SpyHunter to boot an infected computer when malware has altered the original bootloader or BIOS of the infected computer. The files in the sh4ldr folder are temporary boot files. This folder is NOT malware. See the SpyHunter information at for complete information.

Those files appear to be most Linux boot files. Assuming you are not using Linux as a 2nd OS on your system, it’s perfectly safe to delete the folder from the system.

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