I simply obtained an e-mail from this web site as of at this time.

I obtained the very same e mail. I do not belief it. Did you join any scholarships on-line? I did, and now I am getting a bunch of spam emails. I made a listing of each scholarship that I utilized to. That method I might be positive who’s authentic when somebody contacts me saying I received any cash. The servrush e mail just isn’t one which I handled, so I’m fairly positive it is a rip-off. I’d be very cautious of clicking on something until you might be 100% positive it is authentic.

I get the identical e mail(s), it’s not a rip-off however it’s an advertisᴇмᴇɴt for a college web site. They’ve many colleges listed on it so I believe they’re simply promoting the federal software for pupil assist and numerous universities.

I believe it relies upon

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