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SEO is an abbreviated term for Search Engine Optimization which helps budding websites or any piece of content reach higher on any search engine. It helps in optimizing the piece of online information to reach the top of the page when the user searches for a piece of certain information related to the same. In laymen’s terms, SEO helps web developers in the process of taking a certain piece of information on the top search result when any user searches for a similar kind of content.

Understanding Web Traffic and how does it get affected through SEO

Web traffic is the information that is received and sent by users or visitors to a website or a web page. For budding web developers or newbie websites, it is important that users visit the website or the webpage thus increasing the web traffic. Web traffic is measured in “sessions” or number of visits to the site or the page.

Usually web traffic determines the growth and effectiveness of an online business and is a means to measure the development of an online business and also it helps in attracting large number users or visitors. SEO tricks help websites and web pages in achieving good ranks in terms of top searches on any search engine. Measures to increase the web traffic Understanding Web Traffic and how does it get affected through SEO:

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Building a Well-Designed Website

Building a well organized website may attract viewers or users in ample amounts. Points to keep in mind while developing a website or webpage:

  • A website should be well organized and easy to access by the users or viewers.
  • Creating attractive page titles and headlines.
  • Inserting or creating relevant images for the site, as pictures make a website more appealing and attractive.
  • Reducing the loading time of the site by a creating a smaller sized website.

Creating quality Content and highlighting Keywords

Relevant information on the topics should be provided to the users. Extra information should not be included keeping it simple and easy to understand. Content should :

  • Content should be satisfactory to the user and be able to fulfill the search on topics.
  • Content should be helpful in resolving faqs and doubtful queries of the users.
  • An updated content should always be added to the website to maintain its consistency in searches on the search engines.

Creating a website with specific topic and highlighting the keywords in it enhances the chances of a website to reach at the top search of a search engine. For proper usage of keywords one can add related elements making the article clearly focused on them. One can use elements like images, videos, GIFs relating to the search which is also friendly in terms of the SEO requirements.

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Internal linking of Webpages and Adressing URLs

One needs to provide various links also into the website related to the similar contents. When external web pages or backlinks are collaborated with the website it increases the visibility of the page or the site on the search engine. While uploading content on the search engines, search engines also take into consideration of site URLs and usage of keywords in the same. Alongwith the various links, the website should still be appealing to the users as excessive use of external links or pop-ups might damage the appearance and look of the site. One should also check the working of the external links on the site. Including too many external links or backlinks into the website leads to increase the size of the Webpage thus increasing the loading time or may result into other kind of technical problems.

Understanding the increase in Revenues through SEO

SEO helps in increasing the web traffic thus increasing the revenues as more users are attracted towards the website or the Business. With a well designed and well maintained websites one can achieve increased traffic. One can increase the revenues by increasing the ecommerce sales through SEO services. One needs to cater the needs of online users through popularizing the site. One needs to enhance the user experience on the website thys increasing user satisfaction which ultimately leads to a significant increase in the revenue generation. It is also important to maintain the authenticity of contents on the website or webpage.

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