Saturn conjunct South Node in Synastry?

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I’ve heard good and bad things about this aspect, but the most confusing part is the things I’ve read mean the exact opposite! For instance, one site says this aspect is binding and a necessary glue to keep a relationship together and another says this aspect is separative/short-term. So which one is it?

Sun conjunct south node would certainly make it a warm and comfy place for the dragon to sit his *** down:) *However* there is no way that the Sun individual can “keep” the south node individual from reaching his north node lesson because it’s not the Sun individual’s responsibility to ensure that the node individual is on his path. That’s the node individual’s job. The sun individual may make the south node appear a more attractive place to be to the node individual, but it’s their choice as to whether or not they’re going to rest on their laurels in the south node or move ahead with their karmic progress. The worst the Sun individual can be perceived as here would be an enabler to the node individual. If however, the sun sign individual were aware of this aspect, they could assist the node individual with their progress by encouraging them not to rely too much on the south node karma and move forward into areas which will bring them closer to their karmic goals for this lifetime.

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ok, could be completly wrong,
but saturn is genrally binding, even in hard aspect to an extent.
i’d assume that it would be like a glue. for some reason i feel like it would make you focus on your south node though.
and the whole point is trying to move toward your north node.
it can feel nice, because we’re use to south node energy, it’s energy that’s deeply ingrained in us.
moving towards our north node is a little more uncomfortable, but ideally we’d be working on mastering those energies.
does that make sense?? what do u think??
i don’t know if i agree with the short term thing, i mean it could be….but i can’t imagine anything involving saturn being characterized as short term.
one reason why it may not last is because eventually as we grow (age) deep inside we realize that we do need to evolve. with saturn/sn it would be hard. and i think we’d feel the rut evetually and want to break free.
that’s all i can think of with regards to the whole ‘short-term’ thing…although non-perminent is a little more appropiate word to use….cuz it could go on for a while

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Saturn conjunct South Node in Synastry?

In astrology, the South Node is a point in the zodiac that is considered to be very negative and disruptive. However, it can also be an extremely powerful tool for personal growth if used correctly. In this article, we’ll be looking at how Saturn conjuncts the South Node in synastry and what this might mean for you.

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The Meaning of Saturn Conjunct South Node

Saturn conjunct South Node in Synastry is a significant point in your life. It can indicate that you are going through an experience where you are being tested and challenged. This can be a difficult time, but it can also be a time of growth and change. Saturn conjunct South Node suggests that you may need to face challenges head on in order to progress.

The Relationship of Saturn to Our Individual South Nodes

Saturn conjuncts the South Node in Synastry, meaning that this aspect can indicate a number of different areas of our lives where we may need to work on some karmic issues. Saturn is considered the planet of discipline and limitation, so when it meets our South Node, it can help us to become more aware of what’s restricting or limiting our actions or progress in life.

This aspect can also be indicative of difficult family relationships or past traumas that have left us feeling stuck or powerless. Saturn’s rules and limitations can be helpful in forcing us to face these problems head-on, and to take action to address them.

Overall, Saturn’s conjunction with the South Node can suggest that there are some areas of our lives where we need to focus on developing a stronger sense of self-control and restraint. By doing so, we can get closer to achieving our goals and achieve greater fulfillment in life.

What This Means for You

Saturn conjunct South Node in synastry can indicate that you will experience a number of challenges in your life. Your Saturn-South Node relationship can be a challenge to manage and sometimes difficult to deal with. You may find yourself struggling with making decisions, or feeling stuck in your current situation. However, this also means that you have strong abilities to overcome obstacles if you put your mind to it. The Saturn-South Node connection can also indicate that you will have to learn how to balance your own needs with the needs of others.

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It’s that time of year again – the time when we start to reflect on past year, and make plans for the coming one. And while most people focus on their personal goals and resolutions, many astrologers also take a look at synastry – the relationship between two or more planets in our natal charts. In this article, I’ll be discussing how Saturn conjuncts South Node in synastry can indicate some challenges or challenges you may face this year. So if you’re feeling like 2016 hasn’t been going as planned so far, it might just be because your Saturn is conjuncting your South Node!

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