Sasha’s 23rd chromosome pair contains two x chromosomes. this indicates that sasha:

Sasha’s twenty third chromosome pair incorporates two x chromosomes. this means that sasha:

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People possess 22 autosomes and 1 Տҽ× chromosome. Provided that Sasha’s twenty third chromosome pair incorporates two X chromosomes, this means that Sasha is a feminine. Alternatively, males possess an X and a Y chromosome. These chromosomes are important to find out the genetic make-up of dwelling cells.

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Idont see a query right here

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Mitosis is a course of the place a single cell divides into two an identical daughter cells (cell division) and its foremost goal is for development and to exchange worn out cells.errors made throughout mitosis can lead to modifications within the dna that may probably result in genetical issues. mitosis is split into 5 phases: 1) interphase (2) prophase (3) metaphase (4) anaphase and (5) telophase. colchicine is an oral drug used to deal with or stop gout’s a poisonous pure product and secondary metabolite.the drug colchicine prevents the spindle’s microtubules from forming or rising. if given throughout mitosis the chromosomes wouldn’t condense; nuclear envelope wouldn’t dissolve; chromosomes wouldn’t line up for metaphase or even when so, wouldn’t pull aside in anaphase.

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