ruca & heina?

I was listening to sublime recently and i heard them say ruca & heina in a few of thier songs& i know they both mean girlfriend, but does anyone know if there’s an equivalent for a boy?

uhm i grew up listening to these words – they are spanish slang – Yay Sublime for mixing them in! i love stuff like that

haina – is a girl you claim to be yours “my haina” would be aman saying “thats my girl” or woman… whatever

ruca- refers to older lady – like you would sya “my old lady” or “my old man” -“ruco”

wish the true meaning was like it was explained by the other perosn who responded, cause its sweeter, but us mexican like tough love! lol!

if you were refering to a man, you could say “vato” thats cool too!

AND IF YOU LIKE SUBLIME CAN YOU LISTEN TO “PEPPER” – I LOVE SUBLIME AND I LOVE PEPPER – THEY ARE VERY SIMILAR STYLE LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKE PEPPER, I RECOMMEND “GREEN HELL” BUT ALL THEIR STUFF IS GOOD – o and “sancho” from sbulime lyrics means “lover” or “the other man” “sancha” would be the “other woman”

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have fun!!
smiles, EV

Waiting For My Ruca

The use of “heina” means “beautiful woman”.
sublime lyrics…santeria – My soul will have to wait till I get back
Find a heina of my own

The use of “ruca” means “true love”.
Was first said by sublime in (waiting for my ruca)


In Mexican slang, “ruca” means “old lady”, used as a term of endearment for a wife. “Heina” is used in Chicano slang as “girlfriend”, possible derived from the Spanish “mi reina”, “my queen”, another term of endearment.

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