Ride comfort of a mazda miata convertible?

On a scale of 1—-10. with 10 while the most useful, what’s the trip convenience of a mazda miata convertible?

Im over seventy yrs old, over six-foot high,  We don’t drive a Miata since it is comfortable!
I like operating it since it features exact managing and sides better after that other vehicle We have driven except an RX-7.
Experiencing the trail is vital to getting through a submit the essential prompt fashion.
If you’d like convenience go get a land boat. Sixteen foot very long and ten-foot large and adhere to the four lane.

Versus just what?  a 1970s Brit low rider . . . an Alfa? . . . virtually any old United states full size vehicle? . . . a Jeep?
The conventional features decreased:  my ladyfriend features a Lincoln MKX – even though the exact same chassis/engine as my MKS – it rides like A VEHICLE.  Nobody apart from hard-core could have put-up along with it two decades ago – but, we’ve brand new years who’ve never ever driven in a LTD, 98 or these types of  from the time automobiles had been peaceful and comfortable.  Possibly today’s vehicles manage better, but I’d purchase a luxo-cruiser should they nonetheless made all of them.
I’ve got Miata back at my grocery list but have actuallyn’t driven one however – need to believe it rides at the very least in addition to my final low rider – could be more peaceful – should be sealed against wind and rainfall – and have now great AC – and start to become trustworthy.  Most likely a 5 on a 1970s scale of 10 . . . . and an 8 on today’s scale.

Its a genuine low rider and recreations automobiles cannot drive great. They’re built to manage really maybe not drive great. About a 5.

‘3’.  Perhaps not a huge amount of suspension system vacation considering reduced trip level, quick wheelbase helps make the trip relatively hectic, fast bumps indicate you’re feeling lots of lumps.  Fun dealing with constantly comes at a cost.  Not at all the worst operating vehicle ever before but like most tiny low rider, you can find undoubtedly much better alternatives for consuming up highway kilometers because of the hundreds and for operating on pothole ravaged roadways.

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