Resshuuken: Similar Actual Martial Styles?

Resshuuken is a fictitional Martial Art from the Manga/Anime Yu Yu Hakusho.

This sounds like a combination between two styles Aikido/Taekwon do, but I wouldn’t swear to it since i haven’t seen the show. But these are two great styles that are quite opposites in how they function. Any martial arts that you endeavor will be a good starting point.

I have never seen the show. What John is talking about does exist, it’s called Hapkido. Aikido isn’t about pushing away, I’ve trained Aikido for many years, along with other combat styles. pushing your opponent away isn’t really very smart. Once you get them close to you, keep them close. Of course wanting to kick I’d see how you’d have to push them away. I have no clue about that paticular style. I just wanted to commit about the Aikido/TKD, it’s called Hapkido. Even in Hapkido you don’t push your opponent away to kick them. To me it just sounds like a straight kicking art, like TKD. I’ve seen many TKD point tourn. and they always keep their hands down and when the other comes in they push off and kick. I’d say it’s TKD, by itself. But there again I have never seen that show, so what would I know. I can say that it dosen’t sound like any Aikido is used. Aikido works with blending with your opponent and redirecting and throwing, but not just pushing away.

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It sounds like Tae Kyun. Most offensive techniques are execute with leg instead of hands.

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