Remember this episode in Dexter’s Lab?

the episode when Dexter and Dee Dee get cereal-box decoder rings Dee Dee tells Dexter ‘your club is for IDKSC’ .after he decoded the word Dexter wanted to tell his mother.

In the show, there have been a couple of cases of foul language being written into the script
In the part where Dexter and Dee-Dee are arguing about each other’s fan club, Dee-Dee mentions a group of letters to be decoded. She stated the letters I, D, K, S, and C (Dee-Dee: Oh Dexter, your club is for big I D K S C!), which is an anagram for “d!cks”. Also, in this same episode, when Dee-Dee is getting her tattoo there is a middle finger being held in the background.
Another is in the episode “Dexter is Dirty.” After he is laminated, he begins to slide out of control towards a tank with the words “Waste Spooge” reflected in his glasses. Spooge is a slang term for semen.

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Streaky Clean, Episode 53 of Season 3.

Spooge Definition

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